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Secretary’s Message


My Dear Children,

My heart goes leaps & bounds when I see your multidimensional development. The school result in Board’s Examination have been 100%. Many of you are bringing laurels to the school in Sports Competition held at Zonal level. I feel happy a large number of students are participating in various activities being organised in school through the year. You have to unearth you hidden talents & synchronise your energies to achieve your goal.

To succeed, what you need is hard work and single minded devotion for the task. You may face failure at times, but do not get disheartened. Try gain with grit and determination and you will ultimately succeed, this is beyond doubt.
Develop the habit of reading. Read good books. The school has a rich library. You must enrich your knowledge & power of expression by reading extensively. This is a must for everyone.

I am very sure with your growing confidence, courage & continuous hard work. None of you will remain behind. Always remember what the Father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi had said that it is only the “Right Path that can lead you to right goal.

Make this as your motto of life. I wish you all success.

Mrs. Leela Jain