Admissions Open for the Session 2024-25

Secretary Message

Dear Children,
It is always a pleasure tocommunicate to my dear students, even when I am not in the school premises, Ikeep on thinking what new and best can be done for my Saraswatians.
I firmly believe thateducation should foster humility, confidence, discipline. dedication, abilityto think independently to achieve goals and a sense of humanity with socialresponsibilities. Our school aims to develop its students with great self discipline,intense perseverance and zeal to excel, which are the essential qualitiesrequired to meet the challenges of life.
The socio economic scenariois changing rapidly and to enable students to find a place into this everchanging and fiercely competitive world, we facilitate students to surgeforward with an indomitable spirit and dedication to excel in all spheres.Efforts are made to ensure that each student in each class has the opportunityto participate in all activities for a holistic development.
SaraswatiVidyalaya hastried its best to excel in all spheres. The speciality of this institute isthat it has made quality education accessible to all, high and low, rich andpoor.
My dear children, Educationis for life time and not just for living. We empower girls who later in lifeare capable to put their learning to the best possible use, bring about apositive change in the society and make us proud.
I take this opportunity tothank all the parents and teachers for proper coordination and help in enhancingall round development of the school.
Mrs. Leela Jain

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