Admissions Open for the Session 2024-25

Chairperson's Message

Dear Children,
It gives me immense pleasure tocongratulate our students for their performance in CBSE Exams and otherco-curricular activities. We strive to impart knowledge that encompasses theprescribed syllabus of the institution as well as that of the world that isbeyond the classroom. It is our endeavour to shape well rounded personalitiesthat contribute to society and empower our students to achieve their goals andmake them reach the pinnacle of success and be responsible citizens of India.
It is my pleasure to reach out to thestudents, parents and faculty members through the school Website, showcasingthe glimpses of many activities in academic, co-curricular, sports etc. TheWebsite reflects the diverse achievements and progress made by the students andschool.
I am confident that the school in futurewill achieve greater heights of success. 
Mrs. Anuradha Singh

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