Admissions Open for the Session 2024-25

Joint Secretary

I congratulate ourstudentsfor their outstanding performance in CBSE Board Exams and otherco-curricularactivities.
Education is notmerelylearning but it is needed in turning knowledge into wisdom, which isrequiredthroughout the life. In this era of revolution and academictransformation, weneed to equip young curious minds with creative and criticalthinking skillsand foster love for learning and respect for hard work.
If you do not dream big,youcannot achieve success and for that you have to get an edge over others sothatyou can emerge as a winner. Once you decide to excel, nobody can distractyourattention and discourage you. Your firm resolution will be yourgreateststrength. You have to be persevere even if you failing goal, once ortwice. Ifyou are sincere in your efforts and dedication to your actions, thereisnothing in this world which can keep you away from success.
"Think little goalsandexpect little achievements, Think big goals and win bigsuccess."
Mrs. Ritu Das

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